Hiking itineraries

– per private groups

– for touristic and wellness operators and administrations

An orientative “catalogue” of hiking itineraries of your choice. This site is constantly evolving and what you do not find yet, could be simply not yet written. So, contact me for any specific request you may have.
The itineraries are on demand of both privately organised groups or touristic and wellness operators and local administrations. They can be carried out either as single events or combined as agreed

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Hiking itineraries: general conditions


– for private groups: contact me, to agree the organisation; it is necessary to have a contact person for the whole group.
– for operators: booking modalities fro participants are flexible and will be defined by specific agreements between me and the operator.
Indicatively, the activity should be booked three weeks in advance. Shorter term bookings are possible in absence of other commitments.


Contact me for detail of costs, that vary in relation to place, number of participants and kind of itinerary (half day, whole day, multi day program). Single half day programs are generally possible only bin the Cinque Terre area.

Indicatively: half day (4 hours morning or afternoon): 150-180 Euros; whole day (7 hours): 220-250 Euros; costs for multi day programs are to be defined case by case, also in relation to transportation, food and accommodation needs. These costs only include guide service.

For efficacy reasons, maximum number of participants is: 20, for simple itineraries; 15 for average requirement itineraries; 10 for demanding itinerary; 6 for very demanding itineraries. There is no minimum number, within the above specified daily costs.

– for private groups: payment is in advance, at the moment of booking confirmation, for the whole group.
– for operators: payment modality to be defined by specific agreements

Technical information

For duration, effort, difficulties, best period and other, see the individual itineraries.

Hiking itinerary programs

The Cinque Terre by train

The Cinque Terre by train The train service running along the Ligurian east coast allows plenty of possibilities, among the visit to all the Cinque Terre village is a classic. Starting early enough in the morning we can plan a train hopping, stopping

The terraced valley of Manarola

The terraced valley of Manarola The rio Groppo valley, that ends into the sea passing through Manarola, is perhaps the most representative of the terraced vineyard environments of the Cinque Terre. This itinerary runs across the valley, including its goes all around the

Mounts Verruga and Porcile

Mounts Verruga and Porcile Mounts Verruga and  Porcile make a short ridge on the divide between the Graveglia and Vara valleys. The two mountains have unmistakable shapes, from wherever we see them,  and generate and evocative and characteristic environment, of rocks of many

From Riomaggiore to Portovenere

From Riomaggiore to Portovenere Here we are at the limits of the territory of the Cinque Terre, but the hike from Riomaggiore to Portovenere is very popular, and a very interesting one. We ascend from Riomaggiore to the Montenero sanctuary, with its panoramic

From Levanto to Monterosso

From Levanto to Monterosso Levanto is often referred to as the door to the Cinque Terre. It is a pleasant town, with a beautiful historical centre, deserving a visit, and a beach. The hike from Levanto to Monterosso is a classic pone, easy